What does it mean when we ask to do a pretest? And what in the heck are we wanting to do to your Aurora Fire Pump?

When initially starting a preliminary/ rotation verification of an Aurora fire pump system some key things to look for begin with, your power both from your utility feed into your fire pump controller and your out sourced power from your controller to your fire pump motor. When doing such please use extreme caution due to the high voltage of power going throughout your system. You will want to verify your motor wiring is correct for the starting method of your fire pump motor, not everything is wired Across the line. You will find a wiring diagram stamped on your motor casing to help assist you with verification. Checking your coupling alignments is another very important step in your preliminary checks. You will want to remove your coupling guard from your Aurora fire pump and motor assembly, take a straight edge and lay it across both ends of the coupling. I recommend checking 4 points of contact to ensure it is sound or by using a SKF alignment type laser tool. Once you have verified your power source voltage and wiring is correct you can now turn on your controller, I recommend to hold the manual stop

button when initially energizing the controller. You may then begin your rotation verification portion of this start up. You will want to verify there are no visual or audible alarms on your fire pump controller that indicate any possible issue that could occur. Such as a phase reversal fault, once you have ensured everything is correct you will then push the start button to signal the pump to begin running. Aurora pump casings will be stamped with a rotation arrow to indicate the proper direction the pump and motor should be turning. If it is not correct you will want to power down the controller and change your out sourced power wires on the bottom contactor in the controller panel, let the electrician do this for you. You can switch any 2 wires you choose, which will change the rotation of the pump. Now that you have switched the 2 power wires of your choosing, you can close the controller and restore the power to your system. You may now start the pump again and verify it is rotating the correct direction. Although we are a DFW based Aurora Fire Pump Rep, we do travel where ever we are needed to assist our customers however we can. There is no job too big or too small for Hydro-Lectric Equipment Representatives of Aurora Fire Pumps, Aurora Commercial Pumps, Hydromatic Submersible Pumps and Canariis Booster Systems.


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