The most common issue we see in the pump room prior to pre-test day and final testing day has to do with the electrical connections. These type of issues are magnified when it comes to WYE-Delta starting controllers.

A reoccurring issue is not pulling enough wires from the electric motor to the fire pump controller. In most cases we see the electrician has brought in 3 wires instead of the required 6. One tell tell sign in the field if you have a wye delta controller is to look at the bottom of the controller. If you have two sets of contacts then you have a wye-delta. Contacts 1,2,3 are your WYE Start contacts and Contacts 6,4,5 are your DELTA Run contacts. If you have any questions regarding wiring please call Hydro-Lectric Equipment Inc M-F 8am-4pm CST. (214)-340-5974

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