Water Pump Manufacturers: Canariis Corporation

Fire Pump Systems

Canariis Corporation builds a wide range of NFPA 20 fire pump systems. Each system is custom-designed to the specific application. We offer electric or diesel, horizontal split case, inline, or vertical turbine pumps as well as Fire pump controllers, system enclosures, and fire department connections. 

Some Options include:

  • Electric or Diesel
  • Horizontal split-case, inline or vertical turbine pumps
  • Structural steel base
  • Single or multiple point power connections
  • Fire pump controllers
  • Jockey pump & controller
  • UL/FM listed components
  • Bypass piping
  • Test header
  • Flowmeter
  • Relief valves
  • Fire department connections
  • System Enclosure
  • Multi-room enclosures with fire-rated walls
  • Sprinkler

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